Jolen - our expertise
Jolen - our expertise

Jolen has been sold and advertised for several decades. It was the first cosmetic created to lighten dark excess hair to a pale blond color that blends with natural skin tones.

Originally conceived as a facial bleach, especially for the lip and chin area. Jolen is also recommended for paling hair on arms and thighs as well as body hair. Although there are many ways of treating excess dark hair, bleaching is the safest, simplest way of coping with this personal problem.

Jolen is sold in many countries throughout the world and advertised in beautypublications, health and fitness magazines and newspapers. Although there are several other bleaches on the market, Jolen, the original crème bleach has become synonymous with the concept of bleaching.

Jolen has added a Mild Formula with Aloe Vera, aimed at women with sensitive skin and for use on delicate areas. Completely effective, it contains less peroxide than other bleaches and has a soothing Aloe Vera to pamper your skin.

The regular size JCB and the new mild JCB are ample for use on the face and idea for travel. The giant size is recommended for treating large areas such as arms. For a perfect camouflage...try JCB and see for yourself how wonder-fully it works!